Barbecue Mafia BBQ Rubs - The Whole Family

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Barbecue Mafia BBQ Rubs - The Whole Family

4 rubs, 1 sauce

1x Steakout 150g

Mafia Steakout BBQ Rub! Especially designed for smoked beef!! Love that Dark Bark, then you'll love Mafia Steakout!


1x LaFamilia 150g

La Familia BBQ Rub!!! A vinegar based rub that is great for Pork, Chicken and Seafood.
A Vinegar Hit!

1x Enforcer 150g

The Enforcer BBQ Rub!!! A vinegar based Rub with a touch of Heat.
Great for Pork, Chicken and Seafood

Bold with a Touch of Heat

1x Mafia Had a Little Lamb 150g
Citrus and smoke, the newest rub in the mafia range.
Traditional Aussie Flavors with a Mediterranean Savory Citrus Kick.
Shoulders, cutlets, legs, chops, easy carve ... this rub is perfect on all types of lamb cuts!

1x Mobster BBQ Sauce - 500ml Bottle

Barbecue Mafia Mobster BBQ Sauce
From Ribs to Fries to Dirty Meat Pies!
A Savoury Aussie Twist on the Traditional American BBQ Sauce