BBQ Team Sponsor Ship 2019

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We are always on the look out for team sponsorship and ways to further promote our business.

If you are interested in us becoming a sponsor of your team please fill out the application form, this will give us a better understand of your team and ways we can both help promote each other.
We welcome all teams to apply from any organisation with in Australia, Australian BBQ Alliance, KCBS Aus etc...

Kay apparel aprons and home butchers supplies sponsor ship for 2019

Team name:

Members names and roles:


Brief Team history:

Tell us why Kay Apparel Aprons and Home Butchers Supplies and your BBQ team would be a good fit for sponsorship. Get creative, video application are very welcome:

Upon successful application of sponsorship you will receive

Kay apparel aprons and home butchers supplies sponsorship for 2019

1x sponsorship sign with team logos

4x black waist aprons with pocket and team logos embroidery

1x 3ft x 2ft white cutting board

10% off all store stock for the competition season a special code for our website will be provided


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