Big Ricks BBQ Sauce 4 Pack, Original, Honey BBQ, With a Bite, Hot As

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Big Ricks BBQ Sauce 4 Pack, Original, Honey BBQ, With a Bite, Hot As

Perfect for those who love all the flavours, the mixed pack includes all four of our famous sauces… Original, Honey, With a Bite and Hot As Bar-B-Q Sauce.

For those who like the lot… The Big Rick’s mixed pack includes each of our four famous sauces:

  • Original Bar-B-Q Sauce 370g
    The original flavoured BBQ sauce from Big Rick offers a big feel tomato-rich taste and texture, a uniquely big smokey flavour, with a hint of Asian spice.

  • Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce 370g
    Honey Bar-B-Q  Sauce is based on the original BBQ recipe with the added velvet smoothness and sweetness of rich-tasting Australian honey, chosen for its rich colour and flavour.

  • With a Bite Bar-B-Q Sauce 370g
    Kick it up a notch with a barbeque sauce based on the Original recipe, with it’s big smokey, tomato flavour plus a hint of Chipotle chilli to give it that little bit of ZING!

  • Hot As Bar-B-Q Sauce 370g
    For those that like it hot, but still want that big flavour, Hot As Bar-B-Q Sauce includes an American-style shot of Habanero chilli.

Our sauces are great on steak, veal, pork, sausages, chicken, duck, fish, other seafood, veggies, sandwiches, burgers, pies, as a pizza base sauce and, naturally, on all things BBQ including RIBS, RIBS, RIBS!

The good news is they’re GLUTEN FREE!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review