Bourbon BBQ Burger Mix *Gluten Free* 500 Grams


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Bourbon BBQ Burger Mix

*Gluten Free* 500 Grams
The Burgermeister!
This bold pairing of bourbon flavour and smoky BBQ aromas adds a boost to your beef patties.
 Perfect slider addition.

This Product is Gluten Free.
Simply Mix 4kg of meat and fat with 500 Grams of burger mix and 500 grams of iced water or for smaller batches simply divide the total amount by 4. (meat and fat, burger mix, ice water)
Burger mix is in a resealable bag for easy storage 
Mince meat to required texture.
Mix burger mix and water together to form a slurry.
Mix meat and slurry together.
Mince again

Makes 5kg total