Denco Cabanossi Sausage Premix 1kg


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Denco Cabanossi Sausage Premix 1kg

A mild, piquant Cabanossi style premix made with pimento, paprika, pepper and a hint of chilli.

Makes approx. 25kg of finished product

Cabanossi is a long, thin, dry sausage made of pork which originated in Poland. They can be smoked for extra flavor.



Mince meat to required texture. Mix premix, water and Denkurit (cure #1) together to form a slurry.
 Mix meat and slurry together.
 Mince until required consistency is achieved.


Meat & Fat 21.1 kg, Premix 1 kg, Iced water 2.77kg, Denkurit 0.04 kg (40 g) Total 24.91 kg.


This product is made on the same equipment that also produces products containing allergens listed in the FSANZ Standard 1.2.3.