InkBird IHT-1P Rechargeable Instant Read BBQ Thermometer Probe

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InkBird IHT-1P Rechargeable Instant Read BBQ Thermometer Probe

The Inkbird ITH-1P is built with 250mAh Li-battery and magnetic back.
Switch between C/F.
Swapping batteries is now a thing of the past, battery will last upto 11 hours of use or upto 3 months under power saving mode.
The ITH-1P ultra-fast instant read meat thermometer has 3-5S read out time, with 180 degree foldaway probe which makes it easy store away.
It is technically IPX5 waterproof and can be used outdoors on rainy days and to measure the temperature of some liquids, such as brewing, milk, cheese, etc., as well as for easy cleaning.

  • The Ultra Fast Thermometer responds in 3-5 Seconds.
    Accuracy ± 1℃/±2℉ & Temp range of -58℉ ~ 572℉ (-50℃ ~ 300℃)
  • Recharged & Backlight The instant meat thermometer is built with 250mAh Li-battery, could last about 11 hours with the backlight on once fully charged.
    Will automatically enter deep power saving mode if there’s no operation in 1 minute( last for 3 months under the deep power saving mode)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review