KC Butt Spice BBQ Rub and Sauce Pack

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KC Butt Spice BBQ Rub and Sauce Pack
In this set you get 1 KC Butt spice rub and sauce
KC Butt Spice BBQ Rub
12.25 oz 347g Shaker Jar
This is a tried and true Kansas City BBQ rub that is just awesome on beef, pork and on chicken.
Become the champ of your backyard grill or a big-time BBQ festival with this tried-and-true, Kansas City BBQ rub.
Generously rub it on, do your thing, be rewarded. 
Awesome for beef, pork and chicken rub.

KC Butt BBQ Sauce
21.0 oz 595g Bottle
This all natural KC Butt BBQ Sauce is made with real molasses, apple cider vinegar and a blend of zesty spices.
Mop this tasty BBQ sauce on pork, beef or poultry just before taking it off the fire to give your meats that championship edge and flavour.