KH Menu Clip Chrome


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KH Menu Clip Chrome

  • Clearly Label And Identify Tables That Are Reserved.
  • Helps With Displaying Prices / Specials, Table Number & Promotion Material On Table
  • Helps Keep Tables Organized And Your Service Running Smoothly And Efficiently
  • Polished Chrome
  • Handwipe to Clean Recommended

    The KH Menu Clip Chrome is a popular item within the hospitality industry.

    These KH Menu Clip Chrome used in restaurants, bars, poolside, buffets and receptions.

    Firstly, the classic shape and simple style is a favorite among front of house and waiter staff.

    The commercial grade menu clip is sturdy yet durable to withstand multiple service use.

    Another great feature is the KH menu clip can be easily stored to maximize storage space.

    Cleaning the table stands is super easy simply wipe with any rag or cloth.