Low & Slow 101 BBQ Rubs Pastrami Perfection 150g

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Low & Slow 101 BBQ Rubs Pastrami Perfection 150g

Pastrami Perfection

Traditional fresh cracked pepper followed by a subtle hint of coriander with a mild and sweet back note. Low Sodium content. Goes great with:

  • Beef Brisket Pastrami
  • Corned Beef Pastrami
1 kg Brined (corned) beef
6 tbsp Low & Slow 101 Pastrami Perfection rub.
Or to taste, you want it covered but not falling off the meat.

This product DOES NOT contain sodium nitrite 


1. Suit a low sodium or salt products
2. Debrine meat by rinsing in cold water then placing in a vessel of water in the fridge overnight.
3. Pat dry meat using towlette to remove excess moisture
4. Sprinkle Pastrami Perfection to cover meat entirely
5. Heat oven or smoker to 230f/110c
6. Place in a low (230f/110c) oven or smoker
7. Cook until meat reaches an internal temperature of 200f/93c
8. Remove and refrigerate meat overnight
9. Slice thinly and serve