Nive Beef Jerky Hot & Spicy 30 Grams


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Nive Beef Jerky Hot & Spicy 30 Grams

Hot & Spicy is a medium heat type jerky; the chilli warms the palate more with each piece eaten.
Ingredients: Grass fed, hormone free beef; soy sauce; Worcestershire sauce; garlic salt; paprika; brown sugar; black cracked pepper; liquid smoke; chilli flakes.

About Nive Beef


Produced from 100% Australian grass-fed, hormone free Angus and Charolais fusion beef,
only the most suitable beef cuts are used in our jerky to ensure a quality product.
A variety of appetising flavours including Original, Heated Garlic, Thai Fusion and Hot & Spicy ensure there is a flavour for all palates.
High in protein and low in fat, beef jerky is fast becoming Australia’s snack of choice.