SF Salt Co. Hickory Smoked Sea Salt 5oz 142g

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SF Salt Co. Hickory Smoked Sea Salt 5oz 142g

Origin: USA 

Description: Smoked Hickory wood Sea Salt is made with pure Sea Salt that has been slowly smoked above an Hickorywood fire. The result is a rich, smoky flavored sea salt. 

Packaging: Plastic jar with shaker lid. Jar designed so you can stack up your favorite chef salts. 

Net weight: 5oz 

Grain Size: Fine (preferred choice for sprinkling on food/cooking). 

Properties: 100% Natural, Kosher, No artificial flavors or additives, natural medium brown coloring from smoking process. Ingredients: Smoked Sea Salt. 

Shelf Life: 5 years 

Use for: Red meat and chicken, and in soups, stews & sauces. Can also be added to the rim of your favorite ales or rum cocktails.