Three Little Pigs Championship BBQ Rub and Sauce Set

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Three Little Pigs Championship BBQ Rub and Sauce Set

This set amazing award winning set of rubs and sauces includes 4 rubs and 1 sauce
5 in total.


Three Little Pigs BBQ Memphis Style BBQ Rub 347g Shaker Jar
was developed for beef but is great with pork and hamburgers.

Three Little Pigs Kansas City Championship BBQ Rub 354g Shaker Jar
a mix of sweet & spicy ingredients that provide a flavour boost for all grilling and smoking.

Three Little Pigs Texas Beef BBQ Rub 346g Shaker Jar
The combination of bold and balanced flavours really brings out the best in beef.
Three Little Pigs Touch of Cherry BBQ Rub 347g Shaker Jar
The sweet cherry flavour is enhanced with a tasty combination of sugar, brown sugar, salt, garlic, onion and spices.

Three Little Pigs Kansas City Competition BBQ Sauce 552g Bottle 
This beautifully balanced BBQ sauce has been the secret weapon for competition BBQ winners.