Boodua Creek Ultimate BBQ Rub Pack Of 4

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Boodua Creek Ultimate BBQ Rub Pack Of 4 




Are you tired of the same old BBQ flavours? Do you want to create the kind of BBQ tastes that everyone will remember you for? Then welcome to Boodua Creek.

A range of BBQ rubs and flavours created by professionals with over 30 years experience, get ready to take your BBQ skills to the next level.To ensure maximum flavour, Boodua Creek only use the ripest and best vegetables, herbs and spices. It’s our history of blending ingredients for over 30 years that has taught us how to capture authentic and unique tastes, elevating all kinds of meats into something truly special.



Included in this pack is the following 4 rubs covering all basis with Heat, sweet and smoke.

Boodua Creek Carolina Gold Rub 150g
Boodua Creek Fiery Buffalo Wings Rub 150g
Boodua Creek Smoked Chipotle Rub 150g
Boodua Creek Sweet Tennessee Bourbon Rub 150g