Knife Sharpening

Prices from
Upto 6" blades $6.00
over 6" blades from $10
Damaged knives to be appraised on inspection.

Drop your knife in store and collect the next day or at your convenience.
All sharpening to be paid for before work is commenced.
Please note that sharpening will take a layer of the blade back and in some cases the blade it self will be scratched depending on how badly damaged the knife is.

Not all knives are created equal, by this we mean cheaper steel knives will not sharpen the same way a good quality steel will, nor will they stay sharp the same amount of time.
This is why we recommend buying a quality knife the first time, Which is why we offer leading brands in the meat and hospitality industry such as Victorinox, F.dick, Victory and I.O Shen.

Types of knives we sharpen:
Cooks and Chefs knives
Small paring knives
Butchers Knives
Hunting knives (some types)
Fishing Knives

we DO NOT offer a service for serrated knives, scissors, gardening tools.

Knife care:
hand wash only.
only use wood or nylon cutting boards.
do not use glass, marble, Ceramic. Laminex
store your knives in a blade guard.
Avoid hitting your knife on a stainless steel bench.

We will not be held responsible for you cutting yourself on a sharpened knife. please be careful and responsible with your knife as they will be very sharp.

About our sharpener:
Our knife Sharpener features an angle controlled cushion contact system, which produces razor sharp knives and polished edges.
We use a diamond wheel to reprofile, reshape and repair your knife and finally a ceramic wheel to finish.