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Devro Butchers Fresh 23 mm Collagen Sausage Casings Box of 28

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Product Overview

Devro Butchers Fresh
23 mm collagen sausage casings
box of 28
A great casing for beginners as it is easy to handle, needs no soaking prior to use and can be easily stored without needing to be refrigerated.
Perfect for BBQ sausages or snacking sticks.
Collagen sausage casings are a great substitute for natural casings, they can be used for fresh or smoked sausages.
Can be used straight out of the packet, you may need to cut the casings into sections depending on the length of your sausage filler/stuffer nozzle.
Clear casing suitable for 23mm filled-diameter
each casing measures 14.50 meters 
each casing makes approx 5.5kg of sausages 
total for the box is 406 meters 
Devro are the leading brand when it comes to Sausage casings
which means you can be sure that you are buying quality!
for more information please go to there website


(No reviews yet) Write a Review