Victory Pro Grip Skinning, Boning, Diamond Steel, 4 Piece Butchers Knife Set Pink


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Product Overview

Victory Pro Grip Skinning, Boning, Diamond Steel, 4 Piece Butchers Knife Set Pink
Set includes

1x Victory Pro Grip Curved Ribbing Skinning knife 6" Pink
1x Victory Pro Grip Hollow Ground Narrow Curved Boning knife 6" Pink
1x Victory Pro Grip Narrow Curved Boning knife 4" Pink
1x DBone Steel for Butchers Diamond, Round Diamond Steel 10 Inch Pink

  • Simple to maintain cutting edge
  • Thin edge slices more easily
  • Super efficient cutting blade
  • Finger guard design for added safety
  • No gap at handle and blade joint or better hygiene
  • Handle and blade materials MAF and FDA approved
Victory butcher's knives are a preferred choice in the New Zealand and Australian meat industries. 

They are especially designed to perform for maximum efficiency and have been proven by thousands of satisfied users since 1927

Premium quality stainless steel Curved Boning Knife. Proudly made in New Zealand from the highest quality German steel


Victory Knives have a proud heritage manufacturing knives in NZ since 1927. Our focus on small quality-controlled batches ensures each knife is correctly cared for from start to finish, with the highest level of precision throughout the entire process to guarantee consistency in the blades’ micro structure. The benefit is a strong, hard and wear resistant blade with improved edge retention.

Victory Knives has grown to be synonymous with high quality and robustness by the industry professionals who demand more than any from their tools.

All major meat and fish processing companies in New Zealand and Australia use Victory Knives and commercial divers all over the world request the Victory Divers Knife.

Victory Knives continues to thrive today by maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing and materials, with a strong reputation for unsurpassed quality and excellent value. Whether for sports, industry or in the home, our knives are made for professionals, developed for adventure and built for a lifetime.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review