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Cure #1 Denco DENKURIT 1kg (QUICK CURE)

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Quick Cure is a complete meat curing blend.

ideal for Ham, Bacon, Jerky, Biltong, Cured Sausages, Fish and poultry etc.

A rapid curing agent without colouring/reddening agent, suitable for all types of small goods and cured products.
Ideal for dry curing.
Contains 110 grams per kilogram Nitrite curing salt.

For cooked small goods use 60 grams to 45kg of finished product, (Consult your recipe for quantities)

For Injection Pickle (BRINE MIX) use 30 grams to 4.5 lt of brine,
for best results use a Salinometer or brine tester as salt will need to be added

Quick Cure is a complete meat curing blend.

Made with all the necessary ingredients to cure meats with ease.