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Denco Gold Star Ham And Bacon Cure 6.25Kg

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Denco Gold Star Ham And Bacon Cure 6.25Kg

A complete curing compound for whole leg hams, smoked hams and bacon. Flavoured with sweet pineapple for improved taste. Contains blended phosphates, colour stabiliser, curing salt and flavour enhancer. Gives superb curing and colour stability with a fine flavour development and excellent preservation.

1. Use a food safe bucket or tub for the brine mix
2. Mix the cure with 45 litres of iced water
Stir until they dissolve.
3. Using a brine pump and needle, or a hand injector, inject the brine into the meat repeatedly
making sure the cure is evenly dispersed.
4. with the remaining brine soak the meat over night,
the next day you will be ready to cook, freeze or smoke

please note this cure does not require any salt to be added
this product contains 0.9% sodium nitrite