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Denco Maple Ham and Bacon Cure 6.25kg

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Denco Maple Ham and Bacon Cure 6.25kg

Makes the most amazing Ham and bacon and is also known as a complete cure, meaning all you have to do is add water
no extra salt is required, unless if you want to of course.
For the production of cooked cured products such as ham.
Flavoured with sweet maple for additional taste.
Contains blended phosphates, colour stabiliser, curing salt and flavour enhancer.
Gives superb curing and colour stability with a fine flavour development and excellent preservation


Dissolve 6.25 kg of Cure in 45 L of Iced Water. Inject pork at25- 35% over green weight. Soak in holding pickle overnight.


Water 45 L, Cure 6.25 kg, Total 51.25 kg