Denco Pineapple Corn Beef Cure 500 grams

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Pineapple corn beef cure 500 grams

Curing and salting meats are some of the oldest forms of preserving. 
pineapple cure produces a delicious corned beef but it can also be used safely to process other meat (pork, chicken, turkey, etc).
​A curing compound for the production of corned beef with blended phosphates, color stabilizer, curing salt and flavor enhancer. 
Flavored with a touch of sweet pineapple for improved taste. 
Gives superb curing and color stability with a fine flavor development and excellent preservation.
Contains 21 grams per kilogram Nitrite curing salt.
This 1 packet of cure can make up to 45 Liters of Brine
simply use your desired amount and seal the bag for later 


1. Use a food safe bucket or tub for the brine mix
2. Mix the cure and your desired amount of salt 
for best results use a Salinometer or brine tester
 in with 45 liters of water, Stir until they dissolve.
3. Using a brine pump and needle, or a hand injector, inject the brine into the meat repeatedly
making sure the cure is evenly dispersed.
4. with the remaining brine soak the meat over night,
the next day you will be ready to cook or freeze.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review